Camp Nharetare Scholarship Fund!

From Becca:

Dear Friends of Zimbabwean Music –

As you may know, Patience Chaitezvi Munjeri is hosting her second mbira Camp “Vakadzi VeNharetare” at Kufunda Village Zimbabwe,  Jan 4-15 2016.  If you haven’t heard of this camp and are interested in attending or know someone who would here’s a link with more information 2016 Camp Nharetare It will be an amazing time.  [Men are welcome and encouraged to attend too.]

I had the idea this summer that it would be great to be able to enable a Zimbabwean mbira student to attend the camp.  I talked to Patience about this at Zimfest and she was thrilled but needed to think through the implications.  A short while later she responded that this could work and offered a discounted camp fee for such a student.   So I just had to see if I could raise the money…so much for good ideas!

I sent a request out to the mbira players I knew over the last couple months and a friend posted it on her facebook page asking for donations for a scholarship to make this possible – perhaps the cost of an mbira lesson?  The result has been amazing.  We raised the money for one student and thought we were done a few weeks ago but donations kept coming in.  I consulted Patience to see if it would be all right for there to be two students with scholarships – and the answer was YES!

So a bit more fundraising – we’re very close to having enough money for two students – we’ve raised $1850 – we only need $150 more.  The scholarship money enables the girls to attend camp and trickles down and around to all the Zimbabweans Patience pays to run such a camp – mbira teachers, mbira makers, dancers, traditional healers, cooks, drivers, etc.  And, the girls go home with an mbira.

Our gratitude goes to those who had the means and generosity of spirit to make this possible:
Aisha Beck, Betty Weiss, Catherine Hunzinger, Charlene Talkington, David Simon, Forest Shomer, Janice Weeks, Jennifer Kyker, Jeff Wax, Jim Lowenherz, Karen Wolfe, Katharine Knoll, Kate Leverett, Kate Treat, Kelly Tyler, Lisa Seamen, Lola Britton, Loulia Miller, Lynne Swift, Marilyn Mohr, Marion Brodkey, Nancy Rotecki, Nancy Steele, Nathan Beck, Richard Selman, Russ Landers & Sarah Knoll, Ryder Webb and my sister Cheri.

Can you join us?  Any amount small or large would be very appreciated.  You don’t have to play mbira to donate!   You can reach me at

Thanks so much –

Becca Moeller

As of November 20, 2015 BIG thanks to all of the donors!!

Aimee Day,  Aisha Beck, April Lewis, Becca Moeller, Betty Weiss, Catherine Hunziker, Charlene Talkington, Cheri Houts, Dana Moffett, David Simon, Dyanne Harshman, Forest Shomer, Garit Imhoff, Glenn West, Heather Steele, Janice Weeks, Jeff Wax, Jim Lowenherz, Karen Wolfe, Kate Leverett, Kate Treat, Katharine Knoll, Kelly Tyler, Kurt Bell, Lisa Seamen, Lola Britton, Loulia Miller, Lynda Marin, Lynne Swift, Maggie Donahue, Marilyn Mohr, Marion Brodkey, Nancy Rotecki, Nancy Steele, Nathan Beck, Paul Novitski, Richard Selman, Ryder Webb, Sara Knoll & Russ Landers, Sarangano, Sheree Seretse



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